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The benefits of using this AI writing tool is that it would save time for the copywriter and they can use their skillsets to create better content. AI assistants are beneficial for agencies because they can generate content at a faster rate.

Facebook ads are paid for advertisements on the social media platform, Facebook. Facebook Ads offer a number of options for targeting your audience with various demographic information at your disposal. They allow you to target by age, gender, location, interests or behaviors. Google Ads are paid advertisements on the search engine, Google. Google Ads offers similar targeting criteria as Facebook Ads with one addition - placement on YouTube videos.

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A number of companies use AI writing tools for different purposes. For example, Digital Agencies use them to generate content for their clients. They take advantage of the AI writing tools because they can get content generated at scale and get rid of writer’s block. Other companies such as Microsoft use AI writers to help the human copywriters in their office.

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